Corona-free suspension clamps
MaterialBody: Alloy Al, EN-1706
Steel parts finishHot dig galvanizing ASTM A153
Corona-free suspension clamps
Corona-free suspension clamps
REFERENCEØ Conductor min. Ø Conductor max. DIMENSIONS (inch)- A -DIMENSIONS (inch)- B -DIMENSIONS (inch)- C - DIMENSIONS (inch)- D -DIMENSIONS (inch)- L -U-Bolts NºTightening torque(ft. lb)Ultimate strength (lb)Weight (lb)Equivalent (Hubbell)
REFERENCE : GS-4-AE/AMØ Conductor min. : 0.67Ø Conductor max. : 1.02DIMENSIONS (inch)- A - : 1.18DIMENSIONS (inch)- B - : 2.60DIMENSIONS (inch)- C - : 1/2DIMENSIONS (inch)- D - : 5/8DIMENSIONS (inch)- L - : 10.83U-Bolts Nº : 2Tightening torque(ft. lb) : 30Ultimate strength (lb) : 19.000Weight (lb) : 4.67Equivalent (Hubbell) :
REFERENCE : GS-5-AE/AMØ Conductor min. : 1.02Ø Conductor max. : 1.38DIMENSIONS (inch)- A - : 1.54DIMENSIONS (inch)- B - : 2.76DIMENSIONS (inch)- C - : 9/16DIMENSIONS (inch)- D - : 5/8DIMENSIONS (inch)- L - : 11.81U-Bolts Nº : 2Tightening torque(ft. lb) : 45Ultimate strength (lb) : 25.000Weight (lb) : 5.64Equivalent (Hubbell) : CFS11810N & CFS139105N
REFERENCE : GS-6-AE/AMØ Conductor min. : 1.38Ø Conductor max. : 1.85DIMENSIONS (inch)- A - : 1.85DIMENSIONS (inch)- B - : 2.99DIMENSIONS (inch)- C - : 9/16DIMENSIONS (inch)- D - : 5/8DIMENSIONS (inch)- L - : 12.99U-Bolts Nº : 2Tightening torque(ft. lb) : 45Ultimate strength (lb) : 27.000Weight (lb) : 7.56Equivalent (Hubbell) : CFS182N, CFS16212N & CFS18214N
REFERENCE : GS-7-AE/AMØ Conductor min. : 1.81Ø Conductor max. : 2.24DIMENSIONS (inch)- A - : 2.28DIMENSIONS (inch)- B - : 2.99DIMENSIONS (inch)- C - : 9/16DIMENSIONS (inch)- D - : 5/8DIMENSIONS (inch)- L - : 12.20U-Bolts Nº : 2Tightening torque(ft. lb) : 45Ultimate strength (lb) : 27.000Weight (lb) : 8.60Equivalent (Hubbell) : CFS204N & CFS213N

The clamps can be provided with stainless steel fasteners (except connection screw to fitting string). Other kinds of fasteners upon request.

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